The Flying Murdoch

yes that would be Bob Murdoch, photo courtesy of Bob Marshall, no word on what happened next

Bob Murdoch version of the story

Lee Nick and a Tree

Lee going places

Bob Marshall finding powder in a field of white

Bob with the Wild old Bunch patch

Bob Murdoch on the steep stuff

Bob being there

Bob and Lee on a white day

Lee Nick and a Tree


Thurs 2pm jam session with Bill Calhoun at the Albion Grill

Bill and his daughter Judy (of local art fame)

Jack Thompson and visiting musicians jamming with Bill (note the ski boots - welcome to Alta)

East Baldy

Fathers and Daughters

Alta Sunset

More Grandkid skiers

11 AM

Darrell climbing Baldy heading for the Chutes

Jack dropping into a Baldy Chute (Perla's from the steep ramp off the summit)

Jack in Perla's Chute

Terry in Perla's Chute

Darrell in Perla's Chute

Darrell through the hourglass in Perla's Chute

KSL TV interview day

Rush and George

George Jedenoff photo of the original Watsons Shelter from the new one


just another Alta day


Dan in Sugarbowl

Serious business, this



89 going on 20

Christmas week

Subtle signs that you are riding up with the Wild old Bunch

Rush on left, Dan on right, and some other people who want to be seen in the right crowd

the table at Alfs always where you want to be (Pat, Josh, Lee, Rush standing)

Alta does a great New Year's Eve...

complete with torch light parade...

an Alta snowstorm...


and aliens.

Thanks Onno, great party.

Superior from Supreme

Allison (5 yrs old) keeping up with the Wild old Bunch