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Wild old Bunch

Insider Information

 1.            The Wild old Bunch is centered on a few simple concepts:

š        You’re never too old to be young

š        Spectacular mountains and deep powder snow go best with friendly smiles and a helpful attitude to newcomers and visitors

š        Alta is a special place

š        If you hang around and act like one of the Wild old Bunch (exemplified by a strong conviction in the previous three concepts), then you are one of the Wild old Bunch

2.           Everyone is welcome to join the Wild old Bunch at 11am at Alf’s Restaurant (mid-mountain on the Sugarloaf side) or year-round (pleasant company doesn't melt with the snow) for Wednesday night dinners at 4:57pm at Sweet Tomatoes, 7455 Union Park Ave, Midvale, UT (there is a special rate for seniors before 5pm).

3.            Everything else you ever need to know will become apparent at that time

4.            All meetings will be immediately followed by more powder skiing…at some point.